Sunday, July 14, 2013

Meet our pets!

We would like to introduce our pets.....

First is Bruno. He is Scott's St.Bernard. 

    Next is Cookie. She belongs to Boulder and Joy. 

Jenna is Jack and Lila's dog. 

Snowball is Elizabeth's rabbit. Next to Elizabeth is Joy's rabbit, Flea. 

Peewee is Annie's abnormal cat. She likes to dance. :D

Chimpy is Hope's monkey. 

Frisk is Sandy's fox, and Speck is Lisa's baby tiger. 

Missy is Amy's cat. 

Petunia is Esther's cat. 

 And.... Cork is Lindsey's dog. 

That's all of our pets for you! Hope you enjoyed it. 

~Your friends at Polly Pocket World~ 

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