Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spade's lost sister.

One cloudy day a girl named Monica was traveling to the Corps HQ village to find her brother she hadn't seen in over ten years. 
Monica had been separated from her older brother in a fire, and everyone thought she had died, but she really hadn't. She had lived with a family until she was 19. A few weeks ago, she heard about her brother Spade and decided to go see him. 

  Monica approaches the gate....

Rip- May I help you?
Monica- Yes, I'm looking for Spade. 

Rip- Come in. 
Monica- Thanks. 

Monica follows Rip through the Corps HQ Village. 

They stop by a jail. 
Monica- Why are those men in jail?
Rip- That is Road-rash. He is a poacher and an enemy to the Corps. 
Monica- Oh...

Rip takes Monica to her hotel room. 
Rip- Here's your room ma'am. 
Monica- Thanks. 

Rip leaves and then Monica remembers she forgot to ask him were she could find Spade. 

She wanders outside to ask someone. 

Monica-Excuse  me sir, I'm looking for Spade. Could you tell me were he might be?
Boulder- You could try Soldier's Inn, it's right over there.
Monica- Thanks!

Monica- Excuse me, I'm looking for Spade, do you know where he is?
Crash- Yeah, he just left, said he was going to his office. It's just outside. 
Monica- Thanks. 

Monica approaches Spade's house. 
She knocks on the door....

 Spade- Hello, how may I help you?
Monica- Ummm, Hi. Are you Spade?
Spade- Yes, please come in. 

Spade- Please sit. 
Monica- No thank you. My name is Monica, your sister...

Spade- Monica!! You were dead!
Monica- I know. I thought you were dead too. Until I heard about you last week. 

Monica- I've missed you Spade. 
Spade- I've missed you too. 

Spade- Let's go to the Solider's Inn to catch up. 
Monica- Ok. 

One of the Corps men is betraying his friends by helping Road-rash and his men escape. 

Mirage- Here are the guns. Meet me here at 10:00 tonight and I'll open up the door. 

Road-rash- Ok. Be here. 

Just then Boulder walks by. 
Boulder- What are you doing Mirage? 
Mirage- I um, I'm guarding sir. 
Boulder- Ok Mirage. Just checking. 

Spade and Monica eat at Solider's Inn and then Spade walks her to the hotel.  

Spade- Well little sis, it was great tonight. Remember to wake up early in the morning because I'm going to take you to Polly Pocket World to meet my wife. 
Monica- Ok Spade. See you tomorrow. 

That night Monica decides to go out for a walk. 

Little does Monica know that Road-Rash is escaping from jail. 

Monica- Hey! Somebody help! The prisoners are escaping!!!

Road-rash- You just be quiet and come with me little lady, and you won't get 
Monica- You will never get away with this. 

Road rash- I'm afraid you're wrong little lady. 

Rip- Hey!!! 

One of Road-rash's men jump Rip. 

Road-rash hauls Monica onto the car. Spade and a few other men fire and hit one of Road- Rash's men. 

Monica- Spade!!!

Road rash takes off and disappears fast. 

Spade- I'll find you Monica. 

Monica drops one of her shoes along the way. 

Road rash arrives at his secret hideout. 

Road rash- Get in there little lady. 
Road rash joins his men....
Spade and some other men set out to find Monica. 

Spade- Hey! I think I see something!

Fixer- Hey boss, it's a shoe!
Spade- It's Monica's. Move on!

Spade- Look! There is the car! Let's go!

Road-rash checks on Monica...
Road-Rash- Well little lady, how are you doing? Were you able to get any.... Wait a minute! You only have one shoe!

Spade and his men are sneaking up behind Road- Rash. Road-rash's men are sleeping near by. 

Fixer- Put them up Road-rash. 

Road rash turns around. 

Spade- Are you alright Monica?
Monica- Yes, Spade. 
Spade- I have been wanting to do this for a long time, Road rash. With one giant swing, Spade punches Road rash and the two get into a fight. 

 Spade wins. 

Spade- Take them to the car. 

Spade- Nice job with the shoe sis!
Monica- Thanks. 

Spade- Come on, let's go. 

Spade- So, are you up to a trip to Polly Pocket World tomorrow? 
Monica- You bet!

Sorry if the lighting was bad. The pictures were taken when it was raining. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this PPW story. 

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