Friday, July 12, 2013

A Very Polly Adventure

Spade and a few other Corps men are taking Elizabeth, Hope, Esther, Lisa, and Sandy on a hike. Little do any of them know it will turn out to be a great adventure!

Boulder- Everybody ready?
Spade- yep!
Boulder- ok, let's get going. 

The group starts off. 

They travel for 3 hours, and then start to hike. 

The sun is blaring. Little do they know that they are being watched!!!!

Some strange men were spying on them. 

The leader, Road-rash, thinks they are after the rare chimp they have been trying to catch.  

Decoder- what are we going to do, boss?
Road-rash- we are going to wait until they camp, then we will turn Paco loose. 

The group sets up camp. And relaxes by the campfire.

Boulder- I'm going to call Joy.

Phone ringing.

 Joy- hello?
Boulder- Hi Honey, how are you and the children?
Joy- we are fine! How are you?
Boulder- we have set up camp for the night. And.......

Meanwhile, Road rash is planning something.......
Road Rash- Let Paco out. 

Hope sees the giant thing, and screams. 
The men jump for their guns. 

But before anyone can do anything, Paco attacks Fixer, Hope's father.

     Fixer- ahhhhh! Do something!

Spade takes aim, and kills the giant iguana.

Hope- Dad! Dad! Are you ok!
Fixer- Yeah, I'm fine. 

Road rash- We will have to strike at a different angle next time.

The group sleeps, and moves on. 

They make camp by a tree. Boulder finds a little rabbit. 

Hope- look! A monkey!

Hope- look how cute!
Spade- I think he likes you. 

Sandy- look! They are so precious.

The group makes camp and plays with their new friends. 


Decoder- boss, they have the monkey.

Road-rash- let Bruno out.
The poachers free the giant frog in hopes of scaring the hikers off so they can kidnap the animals. 

The toad hops in to the camp...

The girls scream and get into the car. 

The toad follows them.

Esther's husband, Joe, jumps onto the back of the toad and rolls off into the grass with him.

Fixer grabs a gun, and shoots the toad.

Esther- Joe! Are you hurt?
Joe- (chuckles) No, I'm fine. 
A little while later ...
Everyone retires for the night. 

Quietly, Road-Rash and his men slip into camp.

They start to collect the animals.

 They carry the cage out of the camp..

Lisa thinks she hears something, so she rises to investigate.

Startled by the sight of Decoder, Lisa wakes up Spade.

 Lisa- Spade! Spade! Wake up! Someone is here!
Spade- what?!

Spade gets up. 

Spade- Road Rash! We have been trying to catch him and his men for quite sometime now. Look! they got the animals! Everyone, get in the car.

The poachers take off.

The Corps follow them.

Road rash doesn't watch where he is going, and hits a tree.

Spade- Get out of there with your hands up. 

Spade- we've got you now Road rash.

The Corps tie Road Rash and the other men up, and head for home.

Hope- It sure has been an adventure!
Esther- you said it!

Back at home...

Joy- Boulder! You're home!
Boulder- Yep! And in one piece. 

Lila-So how was the trip?

Hope- Let's just say it was an adventure, a BIG adventure!!

Special thanks to my brother for helping me make this PPW story. It was super fun. 

~Your friends at Polly Pocket World~

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