Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Party

Scott and Jessica are hosting a 4th of July party with a few of their friends. 

At Scott and Jessica's home...
Jess is setting out drinks...

Annie-Happy 4th of July sis!

Jess-Happy 4th to you too sis! I've been missing you. 

Annie- I've been missing you too. 
Jess- would you mind taking Maryann for a while? 

Annie- sure thing sis!
Jess- thanks so much!

Jess starts getting the food ready....

Meanwhile at Boulder and Joy's house...

Joy is making the bed. 

Joy- There! All done. Are you ready to go?

Boulder- Sure thing! Let's go. 

Back at Scott and Jessica's house, the men make themselves comfortable in the den while the ladies gather in the kitchen. 

Jess- Hey girls! Those of you who have babies, you can take them to Annie in my room. 
Joy- Be right back. 

Joy takes baby Jet and little Cathy to Annie...

Meanwhile, more guests arrive. 

Jess- Good to see you, Laura.

Jess- Happy 4th Elizabeth!

The ladies get the food set out.

After everyone had eaten, they gathered in the den to talk. 

Jess- Thank you every body for coming. We really enjoyed spending time with you all. 

Lila, We enjoyed coming and celebrating with you all. 

Jack- Yes, thank you for having us, Scott. We have to be going. 
Scott- It was a pleasure. 

Joy and Boulder remain a little while longer after the guests leave. 

Boulder- Thanks for having us Scott. 
Scott- It was great seeing y'all. 

Jess- Thanks for coming, Joy. Come see us again sometime. 
Joy- we'll do.
Annie- This was great today. Thanks for having me sis! 
Jess- It was our pleasure.

That night...

Jess- Scott? 
Scott-(mumbles) yeah?
Jess- Happy 4th of July Sweetie.
Scott- (snores)

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!!
We hope you enjoyed this story. 

~Your friends at Polly Pocket World~

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