Monday, July 8, 2013

Hope's Wedding

It is an exciting day in Polly World. Everybody's special friend, Hope is getting married. 

In Joy's bedroom....

 Hope- I'm nervous. 
Joy- Oh come on! Remember I said the same thing and I turned out to be fine?
Esther- yeah! Same here. 

Hope- I guess your right. 

Hope- Thanks for being encouraging. 
Esther- Your welcome. Come on! You gotta get dressed. 

Mean while.....

Spade- Thanks guys for being here for me. 
Fixer- No problem! I'm proud to have someone like you marry my daughter. 

At the ceremony....

 The guests arrive. Then the ceremony begins...

 Then.... Dum da da dum- dum da da dum- dum da da dum. 

Hope's father walks her down the isle. 

Spade and Hope join hands. 
Pastor- Do you Spade take Hope Pocket to be you lawful wedded wife, to love honor and cherish as long as you both shall live? 
Spade- I do. 
Pastor- And do you Hope Pocket, take Spade to be your lawful wedded husband. To love honor and cherish as long as you both shall live?
Hope- I do. 
Pastor to Spade- you may now kiss the bride. 

The audience applauds. 

The guests congratulate the newlyweds before they leave. 

Esther- see? I told you everything would be fine. Hope- giggles. Yep! You sure did. 

As the couple leaves, everyone waves and wishes them a safe trip. 

They get into the limo, with Lilly as their driver, and ride off into the sunset. 

Spade- I love you. Hope- And I love you. 

They ride off and live happily ever after. :)

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  1. Just lovely, Hosanna! My stomach hurts from laughing so much...keep up the good work!