Thursday, August 1, 2013

The exciting birthday.

It's Fixer's birthday, and a few friends from PPW celebrated with him at a park.

Hope- Happy Birthday Dad! 

Lisa and Sandy are babysitting the babies back in PPW. 

Lisa was playing with the babies before bed time. 

Sandy, on the other hand, was snoring her head off. 

As Lisa is putting the babies to sleep, the  all too well known criminal, Road-rash, is breaking in through the kitchen door. 

Road-rash- Nice sofa.

Road- rash and his men slip up behind Lisa.

Road-rash- Turn around slowly little lady.

Lisa- Road rash! What do you want!?
Road-rash- I heard it was 'ole Fixer's birthday. So I thought I would pay Polly Pocket World a visit.  Seeing how you and the other babies are here, we will just take you with us. And maybe hold y'all for ransom. 

Road-rash- Gather the babies men.
Lisa- Please be careful!

Lisa- (screams)  Don't do that!!!!! You will hurt him!!!

Sandy, who has been sleeping downstairs, hears Lisa's screams, and goes to investigate. 

Sandy- Hey!!!
Decoder knocks Sandy out, and Road rash leaves with the babies and Lisa. 

 Sandy- oof
Lisa- Sandy!!

Road- rash takes Lisa and the babies to his hideout. 

Decoder and Mirage tie up Lisa and try to make the babies stop screaming.

Decoder- sheesh! What do you do to 
make them stop!?

Lisa- You look scary. Untie me and I can make them stop.
Decoder unties Lisa and puts her and the babies in the prison. 

Meanwhile.... Road rash calls Spade. 

Road- rash- Spade boy! It's your old friend, Road rash!

Spade- Road-rash??!! But your supposed to be in jail!
Road-rash- Yes. But that is not why I'm calling. I paid PPW a visit, and I have Lisa and the babies. If you want to see them alive again, leave $10,000 dollars outside the city limits. 

Spade- Road rash, if you hurt them, you will be sorry.
The phone line goes dead. 

Spade- Men, Road rash kidnaped Lisa and the Babies. Who is with me to go find  them? All the men raise their hands.
Everyone starts talking at once.  

Hope- Oh Spade, please be careful.
Spade- I will. 

The men start tracking.

 3 hours later, Spade and his men find Road-Rash's hideout.

Spade- Lisa, give us the babies.

Boulder carries the babies out to a safe place.  As they are sneaking away, Mirage spots them.

He and Spade start fighting.

Fixer watches Road-rash and his men.

Spade- Get up Mirage!
Spade and his men escort Lisa and the children back home safely.  And lock up Road- rash and his men. 

That night-
Spade- Well, everyone is safe, that's the important part. 
Hope- Yes. I'm glad we are all together again. 

Hope you enjoyed this PPW Story. We enjoyed making it! 
~Your Friends at Polly Pocket World~

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