Sunday, August 18, 2013

Joy's $1,000 Mistake!

Joy and her friend, Maggie, are going shopping today. Joy saw in the sale paper that Prim 'n Pretty were having a gigantic sale on all their clothes, so Joy decided  to go shopping....

Joy- Honey, I'm going shopping tomorrow and I need your credit card. 

Boulder- Ok. Where are you going? 

Joy- I'm going to Prim 'n Pretty tomorrow with Maggie. They are having a sale in everything. 
Boulder- Sounds fun. 

The next morning Joy and Maggie get up early and start shopping. 

Joy- There is so much! I'll just have to get a whole lot of stuff!

Maggie got the buggy.  
Maggie- Just be sure you don't go over the limit. 

Joy- Oh don't worry, Maggie. Everything is on sale! 

Joy- Look how nice! 
She puts the shirt into the buggy. 

Joy- Ooo! How cute!
She keeps piling more and more things into the buggy. 

Maggie- Joy, don't you have enough?!

Joy- Not yet! 
Joy keeps putting more and more until the buggy is about to burst. 

Joy- Ok, I'm ready to check out. 

Cashier- My, my, you must be getting a whole new wardrobe! 
Joy- (Giggles) Yep! 

Maggie- Oh boy.
Joy swipes Boulder's credit card not even bothering to look at the total. 

Back at Joy's house...
  Joy- Look at everything I got Boulder!
Boulder- Holy smokes!!!! How much did all that cost?!?!
Joy- Oh, don't worry, it was all on sale. 
Boulder- (breathes and sigh of relief.)

A few days later...

A few friends gathered at Scott and Jessica's house. 

Joy- Hey guys!
Boulder- Uhhhh, Joy? What did you do to your hair? 
Joy- I changed the style of it. Do you like it?
Boulder- To be honest? The clothes is fine, just change the hair. In other words, no. 
Joy- *Laughs*

Boulder- I got a letter in from the credit card company, guess I better open in. 

Boulder reads the letter and jumps up.

Boulder- Holy Smokes!!!! All the clothes you got was $1,000! 
I thought you said it was on sale. 

Joy- Let me see that...

Joy- Oops! Maybe I didn't look at the date of the sale. Prim 'n Pretty is an expensive store.     

Boulder- My advice to you is to take all that stuff back. 
Joy- Ok honey. I'll be back soon. 

So Joy and Maggie brought back all the clothes that she had bought. 

Cashier- How can I help you ladies?
Joy- We would like to return all these clothes. 

Maggie- She made a mistake and needs her money back. 
The cashier put up a fuss, but in the end Joy got Boulder's money back and this is the compliment she got...

Cashier- I love your hair! Everybody should go around like that!

Joy- Why thank you very much!!

When they got back home Joy told Boulder everything was fine now. 

Boulder- Good. Now I have one more thing to ask you. 
Joy- Yes?
Boulder- Get rid of the hair style. 

Joy- Oh well........

We hope you enjoyed this PPW story. Keep watching for more! 
~Your friends at Polly Pocket World~

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